Terrence Robert Mitchell

Terrence Robert Mitchell | Pen Name T.S.A.R.

{ Typical Starving Artist Robert }


Thou art asleep on wings of softest dream.

But, you stir the wings of my heart.

Thou knowest not my eyes that rest

Within my touch upon your head.

Thou knowest not my gaze was best

When thou were absent - in your bed.

Through the window I must stare

As if my prison was my bell -

Like the lonely pigeons on your stair

Waiting for mate's tell.

Thou hast time to sleep and dream

Of moments yet to be,

And I must drop my chains that tell

As thou dreamest in deep sea.

© T.S.A.R.

Early morning at #743 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

March 24, 1999